December 4th – Coming at you Meiximal speed!

With that puntastic title I give you the “World of Stars” fourth player and it is of course the Austrian rocket Anna Meixner!

Most players are proficient when it comes to getting across the ice, but then there are some who has been given a special understanding of what skating really is and even fewer who actually put in the work to bring that skill to its peak. Some who come to mind are Line Bialik, Kendall Coyne and Jenni Hiirikoski, but I would still put my money on Meixner as the champion when it comes to both acceleration and speed! Although it does consume quite an amount of energy, so you’d better make it count when flicking that switch and this is definitely one player who capitalizes on the ability to skate past anyone for the breakaway. Can’t really put a number on it but I have gotten to see a lot of beautiful from Austria’s #10 over the years.

Still only 21 years old and Meixner already has loads of international experience with three Under-18 World Championships and four more at senior level, she brought home a silver medal from the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics and also a bunch of European Women’s Champions Cup with the Vienna Sabres. Not only that but she has also been the standout player in the EWHL for many years and I hope we get to see her shine in one of the top leagues in the world whether it’s in the NWHL, CWHL or the Swedish league. It’s a shame really to only get to see an artist like this five games a year at Worlds!

The great strenght of Austria going into next years World Championships as runner-up’s behind the Czech Republic is that they have a solid base of scorers in Janine Weber, Victoria Hummel, Eva-Maria Beiter Schwarzler and Denise Altmann. Along with Meixner that makes team Austria’s offense by far the best in the group and everything will come down to scoring as their defense/goalie has difficulties keeping out top scorers like Andrea Dalen, Madelén Haug Hansen, Josefine Jakobsen and Estelle Duvin among others. As the goalie situation stands today none of the teams next year in Aalborg has that one superstar goalie who can stand on her head a whole tournament, except perhaps Germany with Jennifer Harss, but then Germany lack a lot of offense instead. Still I bet you Meixi will make the light flash even against Harss, as top scorer and named best forward at the last Worlds this is one piece of art worth enjoying even when she’s on the opposing team. Simply said, she’s just that good!!

Meixi - A genuine piece of art!

Meixi – A genuine piece of art!

Thanks for checking out today’s star and welcome back tomorrow for another exciting player that you can’t even guess!



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